Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

Course curriculum

Learn what is covered in this course

  1. 1
    • A message from the trainers

    • How to use this course

  2. 2
    • Get to know Zoom & Miro

    • What you need around you

  3. 3
    • Structure engaging and effective sessions

    • 5 September 2022 - Live Session

  4. 4
    • Develop presence and relative status

    • 6 September 2022 - Live Session

  5. 5
    • Support co-creative flow

    • 7 September 2022 - Live Session

  6. 6
    • Dealing with challenging participants

    • Warm-up activities

    • Facilitation events & networks

  7. 7
    • Share your feedback

You'll learn

By the end of the course, you will learn how to...

  • Use structure to develop engaging and effective sessions for any audience.

  • Use voice, movement and timing to adjust relative status and develop presence.

  • Make choices in action to support co-creative flow, even when the unexpected occurs.



Adam Lawrence

Partner at WorkPlayExperience / Co-author of This is Service Design Doing / Co-initiator Global Jams Adam is the Co-Founder of WorkPlayExperience, a company which helps organizations worldwide change how their employees, partners, and customers work together to discover and create value. His background ranges from psychology, marketing, and product innovation to professional theater and stand-up comedy. Adam is fascinated by human interaction, so at WPX he focuses on the “front stage” of services and how groups of people from diferent backgrounds can work together efectively while having a great time. He has developed and adapted several theatrical tools and lenses and introduced them to the worlds of service design and facilitation. In 2010, Adam co-initiated the award-winning Global Service Jam – which was soon followed by the Global Sustainability Jam and the Global GovJam – and he has been a leading figure in establishing the global community of practice and sharing around the Jams. He also teaches and gives keynotes on service design and human-centered innovation all over the world, and is adjunct professor of Service Design Thinking at the IE Business School in Madrid. Adam lives in Southern Germany, enjoys nature and medieval re-creation, and rides a classic Japanese motorcycle.


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